The Power of a Purpose-Driven Business: How to Inspire Your Team and Customers

Want to keep employees and customers alike? Providing a purpose within your business is an excellent place to start. People who feel they are working toward a purpose are more likely to sign up and stick around. It can reduce employee turnover and build stronger customer relationships, which will last much longer. Adopting a more purpose driven approach to your business will result in improved outcomes and greater success over the long term.

A purpose helps you understand what your company wants to achieve in the future and helps employees and customers connect so they can help make that happen. When people believe in their work and an organization, they are more dedicated and driven to help it succeed. If you want to see a team motivated to continue a company and a client base just as invested in your continuation, you need to have a purpose. 

Declaring your purpose is one thing, but gaining the support of employees and customers is another. There are several strategies to help you build up your business plan to include a purpose. And when you start forming a more purpose-driven business, you’ll see more results and success over time. 

People Need A Purpose

Since the beginning of time, people have been asking what the point of everything is. What is our purpose, and why are we here? Having a purpose keeps people happier, more motivated, and even healthier. These are big questions that engage us our entire lives. And while you may not be able to provide an employee with a life purpose, you can scratch that itch by providing purpose within your business. 

A business that does not include a purpose may feel lost or directionless. Employees may ask, “what’s the point?” and be more likely to look elsewhere for a more fulfilling job. People have something to work toward and share a common goal when you provide a purpose. They can better understand how the company can succeed and how to achieve that success. Creating a measurable goal and an overall purpose will motivate employees, increase productivity, and increase staff retention. 

The job market is incredibly competitive for both employees and employers. You want to attract top talent and not lose them at the slightest shift or new opportunity. Building a purpose in your business will help people better understand your company and what you want to achieve. It will attract applicants who believe in that purpose and encourage current staff to stay on and work toward that ideal. 

The real question is how to create a purpose. If your company is missing a mission statement, that’s a great place to begin. But think about why you got into this business in the first place. And then, use these strategies to help inspire your team and customers to rally around that reason and work to lift the business up together. 

Stay Connected

It’s very easy today to feel disconnected from work. Many people work in hybrid or remote settings, meaning they may never meet their coworkers in person. Building authentic connections among staff and with leadership will help everyone feel more connected to the business and its purpose. 

If you are leading a team remotely, building in more meetings where people can get to know one another and offer space to talk about things other than work is essential. Creating an atmosphere of positive communication starts with leadership. Make sure your employees have time to talk with one another and with you about how things are going. 

Keeping connected also means keeping everyone informed. Do all employees know what is expected of them and how to proceed with certain tasks? Many people find purpose in their work when they better understand the company’s mission and goals. If they know what they’re working toward, they’re more motivated to achieve that. Don’t keep employees in the dark about specific goals or where you see the company going in the future. This can help everyone feel more connected to the main agenda and stay focused to meet that target. 

Open And Honest

Many people connect openness with honesty. Someone who is more willing to share and let people know how they feel and what they believe feels more trustworthy. Being purpose driven and open with your employees and consumers can create stronger ties and investments.

For your employees, be sure you have the relevant tools to keep communication flowing. And update staff on what the company is doing, whether that includes a charity fund or events. When employees are kept up to date, they feel more in touch with the company and more involved. This advice can also translate to presenting your business to the public. 

Does the public persona of your business match your purpose? Have you let customers know what your business is about and what you strive for? Building a campaign around your purpose can help let people know what you’re about and bring in new customers interested in that. Whether your company is about helping the planet or aiding companies in bettering their HR departments, you can create a valuable purpose that other people can connect. 

There are many tools available today to help your company be more public. This includes social media and other platform networks where people can find your services and connect with your company. Being more present and open on these sites can help people learn more about your business and get to know you. This makes people more likely to support you and what you stand for. But be sure you stay on brand with your public messaging and keep things consistent on social media accounts. 

Diverse And Inclusive

When you’re building your purpose into your business, include inclusivity. Creating a diverse and inclusive space helps employees feel valued, heard, and respected. It can also help your company find new talent and access top-tier applicant pools because you have a good company culture. New ideas and innovations will be more readily shared when you embrace a diverse workforce. 

Employees will be more likely to promote your company when it includes a purpose that they support. And a purpose that encourages inclusivity and cooperation brings together employees and people invested in a positive business environment. A happy company is a productive and positive workplace. And a productive workplace is a profitable business. Inclusivity can help build a more purpose-driven space because people want to be in it and help develop it. 

Community Minded

Show employees and customers that they are valued. Put community and collaboration at the forefront and show appreciation for hard work. Employees are more likely to work harder when they know their work is noticed and valued. And customers are more likely to seek out businesses they believe in and feel are relatable. 

Connecting with customers can demonstrate they are valued and a part of the community your business seeks to build. Are there opportunities for engagement when you post on social media or build your website? Do you interact with customers and establish relationships? Repeat consumers are the strongest base you can build; creating a community can help foster those relationships. 

Power In Purpose

When you have a purpose, you feel more driven and motivated. You know what you’re working for, and learn how to measure success. Providing purpose to employees gives them all of these positives. And it also helps customers feel more connected and loyal to your brand. 

If you haven’t formed a precise mission statement for your business, now is the time. If you have a strong purpose but haven’t advertised it, let people know. Customers want to get to know you as a business, and employees want to understand company goals and values. 
Inspiring your team can lead to better performance and a better bottom line for your business. But don’t stop there. Work these strategies into how you interact with your customers to show they are also valued and a part of something bigger. Company purpose is directly connected to company culture, so focus on building a positive environment for employees and consumers. If you want more tips on creating a company culture people love, check out this webinar to get started today.