The Most Requested Topics For World-Class Speakers

Want to inspire your employees? Wondering what topics people want to hear and find valuable? Hiring a speaker can do a lot more than you might realize. And some of the most requested topics for speakers are at the top for a reason. They improve productivity, performance, relationships, and more.

Do you remember the last time you watched someone speak and felt moved? It could be the personal story you related to or the sage advice you could apply to your own life. A world-class speaker will help you learn, feel more motivated, and be inspired to change. They can simultaneously impact a large group of people, making them ideal for companies and bigger organizations. 

The most requested topics for speakers are also the hardest ones to narrow down. If you’re looking to hire a speaker to help jumpstart things in the office or give your employees more tools to use daily, these topics have a lot to offer. One of these could provide your company the momentum to tackle new challenges and improve your business. 

Most Requested Topics for Speakers #1


Innovation is by far one of the most requested topics for speakers. The need for new and inventive ideas, products, and services has never felt more necessary. People want to improve how things are done and need new strategies for new problems. 

The past few years events have required more innovation than ever before. How do you handle a pandemic where people can’t come to work? How do you remain in business when the economy slows down, but prices rise? Helping employees learn to be more innovative and pursue solutions outside the norm can help a business blossom. 

It’s one thing to say “think outside the box,” and it’s another to know how. Teaching people to try new solutions and learn from mistakes to make things better can help with short-term and long-term success. 

  1. Leadership

A lot of people think they can lead even without doing it. But leaders aren’t born into the skill. And having good leaders has never been so crucial with the many changes and surprises for businesses lately. Training and teaching leadership can help create more empathetic and effective leaders who can carry a team through a crisis. 

Leadership is something you have to work on. It is a skill that can be learned, and even if you’ve worked at the head of a company for many years, you may gain good insight from healing a powerful speaker talk on the topic. Nobody knows everything, and people in leadership positions often feel like they need to. This topic can help people feel more confident in leadership skills and learn how to help a team move forward, regardless of the challenge.

  1. Team Building 

Team building is a big topic for speakers, and is one of the most requested topics for speakers. Collaboration is essential for any business. No one succeeds on their own, and when a team cannot work together, it means failure for each member. Teamwork has grown more challenging with the pandemic creating remote and hybrid work situations. Communication tools have evolved, but the challenges surrounding technology and productivity remain. 

Some companies may need to realize that team building needs to be continuous. If a team worked well together before switching to remote, it doesn’t mean things will carry on as before. Team building is a big topic for speakers and can help many companies improve in ways they didn’t realize. 

  1. Risk

Risk is a part of any business venture, with most people telling you to take the leap and “no risk, no reward.” But how do you know which risks are worth it? How can you tell if they’ll pay off? Some can be calculated, and others require good sense and quick thinking. Speakers often talk about risk, in both how it can pay off and how it can flop. Both views can be beneficial and teach companies how to understand better the risks they will encounter. 

No business is devoid of taking chances and a few leaps of faith. But you can still do these things without feeling like the rug has been pulled from under you. And learning from someone else’s experience can teach you how to understand risk better and recognize when to take it. 

  1. Inclusion

Is your business inclusive? Are your staff and management diverse? Who is leading your company, and whose voices are most heard? Inclusion and diversity have become bigger topics for speakers in the last few years, and with good reason. Having more diverse staff from different backgrounds and experiences helps a company grow. 

People are more attentive to diversifying staff and including new and different voices. And studies show these actions can help businesses. More diverse staff and management can increase company productivity and retention.  

  1. New Technology

Every day, there is a new organizational tool or marketing strategy app that will help boost business. And all of these new technologies can overwhelm employees. Learning how to manage tech and where to aim your focus is crucial as the online world grows. Email, social media, and video conferences are here to stay, which means staff must be up-to-date and able to learn new skills. 

A speaker can show what new technologies will be relevant and how to help staff utilize these new tools. You can get tips from someone studying the latest trends and feel confident your staff has all the possible advantages to tackle tech. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has grown as a topic in the last few years as people have become more aware of mental health and the need for work-life balance. How people work with others and process information is essential in helping a team collaborate. Not everyone communicates the same way, and with the myriad of outside stressors more prevalent than ever, fostering vital emotional intelligence can help productivity, morale, and build positive relationships. 

People who look forward to work and like where they are will do better, work harder, and be more dedicated. And taking the time to learn more about emotional intelligence and how to factor that into working with others will help people feel more positive about their job. Being empathetic is important, and adding on emotional intelligence can help you navigate working with others and help them work better. 

  1. Motivation

Finding motivation when many distractions are available has become a huge issue. What are good strategies for your company? For your job? Do they change if you’re working remotely? How can people feel moved to complete tasks promptly while also taking breaks and recharging when necessary? 

This topic can benefit most every business. No one feels motivated all the time, and learning to harness when you feel it can be a challenge. But creating motivation is an even harder task. However, people who learn to self-motivate and create schedules to help them work efficiently are much better off. And it is possible to become more motivated and learn skills to help find motivation when you think it’s completely disappeared. 

  1. For the Future

What does the future hold for businesses? What can companies expect in the next few years? Everyone wants to know some aspect of the future and how to prepare better, so hearing a speaker who studies the trends and can help point you in the right direction offers a lot. While predicting everything isn’t possible, there are a lot of tools to help make educated guesses. And using that knowledge can you help you and your business stay ahead of the curve. 

Don’t leave things to chance when you don’t have to. This kind of talk can help you better know how to prepare, what kind of risks you may take, and what type of technology you should use. 

The Power of Storytelling

A good speaker can help a vast group of people simultaneously. Through personal stories, studies, and expertise, a speaker shares knowledge companies can use to improve and get ahead in the business world. The topics a speaker covers can depend on where your company can see improvement. But you may have yet to consider all these topics before and could still benefit from them.
Speakers are experts in their field, having worked in the business world, served as leaders, and can share stories of success and failure. And the best speakers will take these stories and help them work for you, providing new insight and ideas to utilize long after. If you’re interested in hiring a world-class speaker to help your team, learn more about what Chris Dyer can offer in terms of training and leadership.