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Chris Dyer
Leadership Strategist and Keynote Speaker

Chris Dyer Company Culture Leadership Keynote Speaker

Chris Dyer: Keynote Speaker Transforming Work Cultures

In this rapidly evolving AI-driven work environment, the pillars of leadership, culture, resilience, and performance are being redefined. Pondering the future of leadership amidst technological progress, the significance of employee experiences, and the impact of generational changes in the workforce, Chris Dyer, a distinguished keynote speaker and strategist, offers enlightening insights.

As a leadership speaker and company culture expert, Chris Dyer stands in a category all his own. His advice is at once both unique and absolutely essential. Because of Chris, I see my team, their needs, and their potential in a brand new light. By following his advice, I have managed to inspire greater productivity and unity within my company.
Lauren Wilson
Senior Director of Human Resources


Unveiling strategies to build thriving, cohesive workplace cultures.

Explore dynamic approaches to nurture and sustain a powerful company culture.

Chris Dyer Company Culture Leadership Keynote Speaker


Leadership Keynote Topics

The future of work is undergoing a profound transformation with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). In this keynote presentation, we will explore the evolving landscape of AI and its impact on the way we work, with a particular focus on the emergence of ChatGPT and its implications for businesses and employees. Learning Objectives:
  • Insights into the latest AI trends and their impact on the future of work.
  • Understanding the ethical dilemmas posed by AI technologies like ChatGPT and strategies for navigating them.
  • How to train and upskill leaders and employees to leverage AI effectively, avoid costly mistakes, and stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • Shifting the paradigm on how we build culture in an AI-driven world using Chris’ successful 7 Pillar Strategy.
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What conversations have you been avoiding?Just the thought of broaching certain topics can be enough to bring on a spontaneous stomachache and palms so sweaty you’ll be glad shaking hands went out of style. Sometimes saying what’s on your mind is easier said than done. Where do you start, and what direction should you take the conversation? How do you prepare, and how do you know when you’ve gone too far? Learning Objectives:
  • Identifying when tough conversations need to happen.
  • Identifying cognitive biases that impact how information is perceived.
  • Knowing how and when to end a conversation.
  • Identifying personality types and leveraging the best strategy.
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Are you stuck figuring out where to focus (WTF) to improve engagement and performance? After years of research and countless interviews with top leaders across industries, Chris Dyer has uncovered seven key ingredients that matter in every workplace. These unconventional factors have the power to transform any culture, kick-starting productivity, performance, and profits. Learning Objectives:
  • Identifying key factors that impact workplace dynamics
  • Strategies for efficient time and resource management
  • Creating effective plans for employee engagement and success
  • Practical tips for positive culture transformation
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Work has shifted from offices to homes worldwide, a transition hastened by the events of 2020. Without much preparation, employees and companies had to swiftly adjust to remote work, facing steep learning curves. Learning Objectives:
  • Developing a familial remote culture where employees feel emotionally connected and invested, despite the distance.
  • Supporting team chemistry and capitalizing on “water cooler magic” from afar.
  • Discovering the most essential communication and productivity tools for remote teams”.
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  • How to Be Better Leaders
  • Another %@*#ing Meeting!?
  • Delegation Hacks- The Lost Art of Leadership & Happy Employees
  • Hybrid Workplace Success
  • Why Failure Doesn’t Suck (expanded from my TED Talk)
  • Listening is Leading
  • What Your Employees Really Want, But Won’t Tell You
  • Retaining and Developing Future Leaders: The Key to Thriving in Tomorrow’s Marketplace
  • Burnout Culture in the Modern Workplace: A Leader’s Roadmap to Reversal and Resilience

Would gladly welcome Chris
to another event!

The team found his thoughts and ideas interesting, entertaining (cockroach meetings are a fascinating concept!) and of practical value. His talk had lasting impact by encouraging a more productivity-oriented approach to the meeting cadence in our team.
A quote we still use at each staff meeting is “how are you showing up today?

D. Hugo Malan,
Ph.D. SVP & President

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